Individual photography courses in Prague

Dear photographer!

No matter where you are coming from or for how long you are staying in the Czech Republic, I am sure about one thing – you like to photograph and you want to improve, right? Well, that’s where I would like to help you! I offer individual photography lessons in Prague which are suited for just about anyone! Do you want to learn photography basics or just practise what you already know? No problem! Just keep reading.

About me

Please note, that from November 2019 I stopped teaching due to materninty leave for an indefinite period of time.

Hi, I’m Lenka and photography has been my passion for about 17 years now. It started all as a travel and landscape photography hobby which developed in 2012 in a teaching/writing passion by founding this website. You can have a look at what and how I shoot here: Photogallery of Or read more about me here (page in Czech).

I have been studying photography for years (and by the way I still am). All the information I gathered are written in the articles and also in my e-books Fotíme venku: Doma i na dovolené (sorry, Czech only). However, I not only like to write, I also like to teach face to face. I really DO! And I try to be as clear and comprehensible as possible. Therefore, my individual lessons are suitable for ANYONE. I taught people from 13 to 70 years of age.

What do I teach

  • How to choose photography equipment
  • Photography basics – exposure, composition
  • Camera settings for best results
  • How to „blur“ the background for portraits, how to capture movement
  • What and how to shoot outdoors, on vacation
  • My favourite themes: Landscapes, macro, cityscapes and architecture, children, night photography.
  • Postprocessing basics (Lightroom, Photoshop, Nik Collection plugins)
  • Other consultations based on your individual wishes
  • Do you want to try shooting with a DSLR? I can lend you one for the lesson (Nikon D90)

What I don’t teach

  • Studio photography
  • People posing, fashion or advertisement photography
  • Advanced lighting with external flash or studio lights

Individual lessons options

I have for you three options for learning to be a better photographer with me:

  1. Individual course: 4*2 hours of systematic learning
  2. Individual lessons: Any number of lessons (60 minutes each) based on your needs and wishes
  3. Individual workshop: Best option for all those who already know the basics and want to practise, practise and practise!

Individual photography course

I know from experience, that the biggest advancement is made by systematic education, not just one hour a month. Practice makes the master! And for all those of you who are serious about photography I have a full-length beginner’s course in Prague.

The course is for fixed amount of lessons and is paid in advance. It contains 4 sessions, 2 hours each. I try to match the time and date with your preferences.

4×2 hours (4×120 minutes) 1 person ………………………………………………….. 3.600,- CZK

Do you want to prepay the course right now? Don’t forget to contact me for the time and date: or use the form below.

3 600 Koupit

Individual photography lessons

Individual photography lessons in Prague are the most flexible option of all. Number of lessons and their content is fully tailored to your needs and wishes.

1 hour (60 minutes) 1 person ……………………………………….. 500,- CZK.

Groups of more than 2 people …………………………………….. 250,-CZK each.

Travel outside Prague ………………………………………………… 150,-CZK/hour plus travel fees.

Everyone asks for weekends. Do I offer them? To be honest, rarely, but you can try 🙂 but only if you want more than one hour due to my long travel time ;).

Do you wish to prepay the individual lessons? You can add any amount of lessons in the shopping cart. Don’t forget to contact me for the date and time:

500 Koupit

Individual photography workshop

Photography workshop in Prague is a great option for all those of you who have already some knowledge about photography basics (like what is aperture good for, what is shutter speed or white balance etc.).

What is the difference between lessons and the workshop and why is the workshop cheaper? Workshop has a free structure and does not contain systematic explanation of photography basics. Its goal, however, is to bring each of your pictures to perfection. We will walk around the beautiful Prague center and shoot everything what you like, be it cityscapes, details, architecture or motion in the busy streets. Watch out! The workshop can also take place on your event where I can guide you while you shoot.

2 lessons (120 minutes) 1 person ……………………………………….. 900,- CZK.

Do you want to prepay the workshop right now? Minimum number of lessons is 2 but you can add any number of 2-hour lessons. Do not forget to contact me for the date and time: or use the contact form below.

900 Koupit


In case of your interest or if you a question, please write me to:

Meeting place

Prague: I love Prague center and that’s the reason why I choose it for the lessons, if the weather allows. To be exact – the Petřín hill – the bottom station of the funicular. But you can choose a different place (e.g. Vyšehrad is also cool).


In case of bad weather or for theoretical or computer editing lessons we usually go to a lovely café nearby: U Knoflíčků.

Moravia: From time to time I am visiting Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, so those of you who are closer to the north-east corner of the Czech republic can inquire about this option.


Hi Lenka,

I would like to thank you for giving me the necessary knowledge of photography, that I learnt during an individual course with you- It enriched me greatly and gave me the necessary experience.

I am sending you few pictures from the first skiing of my son that forced me to search you. There is a remarkable difference between what I kenw then and after the course :).
I was fighting with blurred people and faces of my children, that I wanted to shoot in all those unforgettable moments. I always forced them to stop in order to elimnate the motion blur at least a bit but nonetheless it was never perfect.

Today, after the course I dare to make shots I see on posters, honestly. You can see for yourself and check the gained knowledge about aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, that you tested hard on me:)
I am grateful for your time, although sometimes it was tough with me, when you had to explain some of the things more than once. But now you can see the fruits of your work:).

Your work is for all the beginners and immature photographers like me priceless and I owe you a big THANK YOU!!!

Kind regards,

Markéta R.

And here are the pictures „before and after“ Marketa was writing about:


The next photo is from Roman Koloušek with whom we learnt to photograph motion in the streets of Prague. I think the picture he took of this beautiful car is so perfect that I asked him the permission to publish it. We used the techique of panning, by the way.

Fotime pohyb-kurz

Gift voucher

Individual photography lessons in Prague can be a perfect gift for your loved ones or friends. You can download the gift voucher in an elektronic version and print it at home. Just righ-click and save it to your computer. I can adjust the voucher by writing there name and number of lessons, don’t hesitate to ask me: voucher photography lessons

The voucher is valid for one year from the day of the payment and it is the responsibility of the buyer or the endowed person to contact me for the dates.